See Protocol for more details


  • T, specific humidity
  • Atmospheic CO2

  • Precipitation
  • Incident solar, radiative balance, latent heat, sensible heat
  • Wind stress, OLR

  • Ground temp, soil moisture
  • LAI, stomatal conductance

  • Ocean temp, salinity
  • Velocities
Carbon Cycle:
  • All fluxes, all pool sizes
  • Live, litter and dead carbon
  • Fluxes:
      Live -> litter, litter -> dead
      GPP, NPP,
      plant respiration, soil respiration, photorespiration, fluxes from land-use

  • Area of each plant function type
  • Vegetated area: global total

  • Marine productivity and biomass
  • DIC, DOC, alkalinity
  • POC, PIC {by ecosystem/class if possible}, nutrients

  • Fluxes that cross check conservation of carbon:
  • Save mass as instantaneous values at the end of month
  • Fluxes as averaged over month ?